You are welcome to The Hague Fashion Week 2022
Date: from Monday 26 September to Sunday 2 October 2022

Saturday 1 oktober 
Location: het Spaansche Hof:
Time: 13:00 – fashion show of Irina Krutasova, Fanny de Ruijter and Studio HIEM. 
Time: 16:00 – fashion show of Marco-Stefano Pintus, NvdK Couture and Haruco Vert. 
Time: 19:00 – Nata Ryzh, Rosalie Boonstra, Janina Kraft and the finale van The Fashionweek Award. 

Sunday: 2 oktober fashion shows at The Student Hotel.
Time: 14:00 – ROC Mondriaan, School voor mode. 
Time: 17:00 – Nicole Plender, Arvin Quirante, Kunstbende, Kate Oram, Azhar el Bouchaibi and Els van den Hengel


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